The East Side Alano Club of Madison is supported through membership dues, donations from attendees at 12 step meetings, 12 step groups, grants and donations from people like you. We also sponsor a variety of events and activities to help with financing the operation of our facility. In the past, this has included a silent auction, ice cream socials, pot lucks, raffles, and an annual plant sale. However, the vast majority of our income has been generated through matching donations to our Building Fund.

In 2017-18, we raised over $27,500 to match donations for the same amount. This money has been used in part to pay for:

  • New parking lot
  • Replacement windows

We also have numerous outstanding maintenance and replacement projects waiting to be done, and it seems we will be asking for donations “forever”!  Please note that donations to the East Side Alano Club help with the ongoing operation of our facility.  Donations to the Capital Project Fund support major projects only, projects such as replacing/updating the heating and cooling systems, and fixing or replacing the roof.

Please be generous. Our facility and the 12 step meetings we house have saved the lives of countless people and their families during its 37 years of operation. Many people celebrate their years of sobriety or attending a 12 step meeting with a donation. Others honor or remember a family member or friend who has passed on with a gift to the Club.

All donations to the East Side Alano Club are tax deductible. If you would prefer to donate in person, see the caretaker on lower level. You may also make a donation and mail it to:

East Side Alano Club of Madison, Inc.
1017 Northport Drive
Madison, WI 53704



1017 Northpoint Drive
Madison, WI 53704
tel: 608.244.9671